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Professional Home Watch Article by Boston Globe

Professional Home Watch Article by the Boston Globe.

The Boston Globe has written an interesting article about professional home watch, titled, “With a certified home watcher, you’re sitting pretty on vacation”. We are providing a summary and a pdf of the article. We hope you find this post to be useful.

The Boston Globe article, published on May 8, 2024, talks about the benefits of hiring a professional home watch company vs. using family or friends or vs. using technology to keep track of your home. The writer, Robyn Friedman, found that family or friends were not a good option. Although family and friends are inexpensive, they may not perform regular checks and they may not have the skills to identify potential issues.

The writer also found that the technology approach has limitations because “you don’t get a complete picture of the condition the house is in”. One limitation is power and internet service. If either the power goes out or the internet goes down, all monitoring immediately stops. Another limitation is the ability to have a clear picture of the situation. For example, if the refrigerator dies and the ice melts all over the floor, it’s unlikely that a connected user would be able to determine that there was a problem.

The writer also talked with professional home watch companies in the Boston area. One professional home watcher noted the benefit of regular, professional checks, “Discovering issues quickly can mean the difference between a quick fix and extensive, expensive damage. To encourage professionalism and to help the home owner differentiate, the National Home Watch Association (NHWA) provides accreditation services.

National Home Watch Association Accreditation (NHWA)

NHWA accreditation is a very important indication that you’re working with a professional home watch company. The NHWA-accredited home watchers must be bonded and insured. NHWA also verifies that the company is in good standing with consumer protection agencies, such as the Florida Department of Consumer Affairs. Finally, NHWA provides continuing training to accredited companies, opportunities to network with other experienced professionals, and provides information about high-performing local home contractors.

Click this link to view the full article.

For more information about why you need a home watch when you’re away from your Naples home for extended periods of time, please take a look at our recent blog postings, The Importance of Home Watch Services for Your Peace of Mind. We also have an article from the NY Times that you may find interesting.

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