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Hurricane Season 2024 Begins on June 1st

It’s June 1st, which means that the hurricane season 2024 begins. The storm forecast by NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, is quite high. NOAA is forecasting 17 to 25 named storms with 4-7 strong hurricanes (Cat 3 or higher). We hope that you find this post to be informative.

Hurricane season 2024 begins on June 1st.

Hurricane Threat to Homes and Condos in Southwest Florida

Hurricanes pose a major threat to Southwest Florida homes and condo’s because of the potential for wind damage, water intrusion, and power outages. Although many Florida homes and condos have concrete block walls, severe winds can still cause severe damage to roofs and can break windows & doors. Assuming that your roof survives a major storm, water intrusion is a potential issue because the rain is being driven sideways by the wind. Any water intrusion could create an opportunity for mold growth if not identified very quickly after the storm. A power outage could impact a house or condo by cutting the air conditioning, allowing the interior temperature and humidity to rise, creating a better environment for mold growth. Of course, a power outage would also cause any perishables in the refrigerator or freezer to spoil and begin to decompose as well.

Mitigate the Threat of Hurricane Season

If you’re already away for the Summer, there are still a number of actions you can take to mitigate the threat of strong storms.

The first step is preparation. You’ve probably already moved all of your lanai furniture into your garage before you departed. That’s excellent! But there might be another one or two items item to consider. What about documenting the condition of your house or condo before the storm? As a result of the last major hurricane to hit Southwest Florida, Ian, insurance companies are pushing back on claims unless the homeowner has date and time-stamped proof of the condition of the house or condo before the storm. Also, if you home is older and does not have hurricane-resistant doors and windows, someone will need to install the shutters. Do you already have someone lined up to install your shutters? More importantly, do you even know if you have enough shutters to cover your doors and windows?

The second step is maintaining an awareness of the storm’s path and how it might be affecting your property. WINK Weather is an excellent source of information about storm forecasts and ongoing storm reports. Their url is: WINK also publishes an annual hurricane guide that contains a wealth of useful information. Here is the url:

The third step is post-storm assessment. You will likely be very anxious to know the post-storm condition of your property. After-all, it’s a major investment. You might ask a friend or neighbor for help, but that might be an iffy proposition. They’re your friends and neighbors and they might need to address other post-storm issues before they have time to look at your property and send you post-storm pictures or video. Plus, do they really know how to look for water intrusion or mold?

Perhaps You Need a Professional Home Watch Service?

A professional home watch company is much more than having nice business cards and a fancy website. It’s about having the knowledge and professionalism that comes from being accredited by the National Home Watch Association, NHWA. You can find accredited home watch companies in your area by going to the NHWA website.

A home watch company can help you this hurricane season with all phases of an upcoming storm, from preparation to post-storm assessment. In addition, a home watch company can provide reliable and timely documentation and reporting of your property’s condition, before and after the storm. Finally, if your property has been damaged, a home watch company can work with you to quickly address the repair process.

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